ELRC Radio is Back and "Radioactive"!

ELRC Radio is back and streaming. Enjoy live shows and podcasts from our new DJs. There will be an opportunity to listen to a podcast at all times with our new on demand system. We will also have live shows to listen to so check the events to figure out when people are live!

Our organization
Our goal as an organization is to provide the La Roche community with services to entertain and inform. We aspire to gather a variety of individuals, organizations and departments to utilize the radio together and establish a sense of cameraderie through a technological medium.

Live contact
Want to get in touch with us while we are on the air? Want to request a song, call in or tell us your feedback? Excellent idea! Here's some options:

PHONE: 412-847-2512

La Roche College
Communication, Media & Technology Department

Disclaimer: Expect the use of frank language on Electric Bean webcasts. While our DJ's understand the importance of reflecting the college's standards, we in no way inhibit their freedom of speech.

All opinions expressed on the Electric Bean are the opinions of the students and other on-air participants and in no way reflect the views of La Roche College, its faculty, staff, trustees or administration.


DJ Bios